Healthy good and smoke quitting are the primary reasons that people switch from smoking to vaping.  MEDOVAPE is committed not only to meet those requests but also in a simple, safe and affordable way:


1, mini fit. Medovape products are cast by Japanese CNC machines, seamless and smooth.  


2, durable.  Medovape products’  batteries are manufactured by GOLISI, a popular vaping battery brand covered with global PLI insurance.  The high quality battery enables excellent inhale experience and lasts all day long.


3, smooth draw. Medo pods are lavishly made of food-grade materials. The coils are a combination of Japanese organic cotton and S316 medical-level stainless steel. No burn, no leak when vape though the sophisticate pods.


4, simple to use. button free design, simply inhale to enjoy vaping,


We hope medo bring you a wonderful vape experience.